Waiting for the Impossible - 6 paintings of hope from Sudan

Spring has sprung and nature is unfurling herself in all her glory! I hope you are well and that you are getting to enjoy at least some of this beautiful time of year.

I am so delighted and extremely honoured to feature the work of my next guest artist. If you've been missing sunnier climes the last year and yearn for the colour and culture of far off lands, look no further. The work of Nasir El Safi will take you to one the largest and most diverse countries in Africa.


Nasir El Safi's work opens the door to the vibrant and diverse culture of Sudan. A country whose long history of art dating back to ancient civilisations is evident today by it's wealth of singers, painters and poets. The geographical, climatic and tribal diversity that make up Sudan and it's multiplicity of customs and traditions give Nasir's paintings a strong sense of identity and a boldness of colour and form. His work reflects the richness of this multi-ethnical, multi-cultural society where historically people lived in harmony.

Nasir's vision is to respond to the huge recent changes in Sudan as a result of the revolutionary uprising. He strives to document these historical times for his people through his painting and to bear witness to the dramatic changes - both culturally and socially .

Nasir's work will be on sale in my gallery for just month - click on the  below to view his 6 paintings in acrylic and oils. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to view and purchase his work.

The story behind the man is facinating - read about how challenging it was for him to practice his art and journalism in the dictatorship at the time. He suffered greatly because he spoke out against human rights abuses in his country, and because of this bravery he was forced to leave his homeland.