GUEST ARTIST - Nasir El Safi

GUEST ARTIST - Nasir El Safi

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Oil on board. Original Painting , unframed 48cm x 40cm

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Nasir El Safi's work opens the door to the vibrant and diverse culture of Sudan. A country whose long history of art dating back to ancient civilisations is evident today by it's wealth of singers, painters and poets. 
The geographical, climatic and tribal diversity that make up Sudan and it's multiplicity of customs and traditions give Nasir's paintings a strong sense of identity and a boldness of colour and form. His work reflects the richness of this multi-ethnical, multi-cultural society where historically people lived in harmony.
Nasir uses several different materials in addition to oil and acrylic in order
"to reach and search for the deep idea and specific goal of the painting".
Nasir's vision is to respond to the huge recent changes in Sudan as a result of the revolutionary uprising. He strives to document these historical times for his people through his painting and to bear witness to the dramatic changes - both culturally and socially .
Nasir El Safi - artist and journalist was born in Sudan in 1974. He graduated from the College of Journalism and Media at Sudan University of Science and Technology and also studied painting at the College of Fine Arts, Khartoum.
Nasir explains that in Sudan opportunities were not available for artists, especially  under the dictatorial regime hostile to the Arts in all it's forms. Despite the extremely difficult circumstances he took part in two exhibitions in Khartoum and managed to get some of his journalistic work published in Sudanese newspapers and magazines in the UK, Oman, Egypt and Qatar.
After several arrests and threats to his life - because of his defence of Human Rights - Nasir now lives in Ireland. He has since participated in several exhibitions around the country including in GOAL's -"What On Earth". An exhibition which toured a number of cities to raise valuable funds for GOAL to help the some of the most vulnerable people in the world.
Nasir was also awarded studio space through the School of Creative Arts at the Technological University of Dublin in Grangegorman. He spent more than a month living in Dublin creating an exhibition of work.
I loved it. I got to work in a proper studio where I could reorganise myself and my thoughts. It was freedom; it finally felt like I was free.”